Coming after but preceding the messenger bag made of Dow Weathermate. This is the initial over-the-shoulder bag. As you can see the material is a PVC coated nylon which has been printed over with Chicago’s WestTown banner icon. The banner itself was approximately 30″x56″ so it had just enough dimension to make a good size bag out of and even use the left-overs for an outside pocket to span the front. What you cannot see is that this bag was made out of completely scavenged materials aside from the bias tape and thread. the inside liner is made out white tarping, which came as packaging for a bed mattress. The Velcro, black-webbing, and black-plastic buckles were extracted from an existing Timbuk2 bag*. And the strap is a seat-belt which has quick-release-like snapping hooks on each far end of the 2″ webbing, it is almost exactly like what you would see in a commercial aircraft.

The design for this one was simple, the only objectives were to create something with a couple of outside pockets, primarily thinking about a U-Lock pocket for quick and easy access. Another feature would be a bit of extra durability from the “boot” on the bottom. In this case the “boot” is just the outside pocket extended to the bottom of the bag and then all the way around and up the back (only climbing the back of the bag by about 2.5″). The outside pockets have been tacked at the base of the front so that your various tools or what have you do not slip under the base and become hard to reach (the middle pocket is sewn slightly deeper to go under the “V” cut, which is not visible in these picture. The “V” cut resulted from having to reinforce the banner where a small half moon was cut into it so that wind not blow it around quite as much. Lastly, some of the stitching is less than ideal in terms of aesthetics, this was made pre-presser-foot alterations, and that combined with the unpredictability of how slippery these two materials were ended with some unsightly seams. All in all – it was a good bag, with very large capacity, plenty of ways to separate cargo and resistant to weather as well as you could hope for an old banner and some scavenged tarping material.

*Unfortunately, that is all they are good for these days – cutting up. Since the production has moved away from the companies home in SanFrancisco, the materials and certain aspects of the craftsmanship have gone below sub-par, by increasing quality control, some quality has been lost, but most significantly, their respect and heart has been lost. Now it would appear that all that is left for the positive is consistency.

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