!This post in incomplete, and will live like this for quite a while. Please feel free to back-read.

!The above pictures display the Berlin Boots during their recent maintenance work, these are not pictures from their original construction process.

!The following text is a continuation from the Berlin Boots original posted – posted many months earlier than this one. To understand where this text is going, it is probably a good idea to read the first post ( or go to > Boots [built for berlin])Proxy-Connection: keep-alive
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The last thing covered in the previous post was cutting the pattern out. From here the stitching began: and as in the last post we have to keep in mind that the stitching process, which was mostly done by hand this time around, was a huge technological advancement between the Berlin Boots and Foot Wares. The first chapter of stitching to take place was done between the outer pieces and their respective liners.

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