Brother DB2-B791 & B7910 Parts Book [section 2]

parts bk 19parts bk 20parts bk 21/28parts bk 29parts bk 30parts bk 31parts bk 32parts bk 33parts bk 34parts bk 35parts bk 36parts bk 37parts bk 38parts bk 39parts bk 40parts bk 41parts bk 42parts bk 43parts bk 44parts bk 45parts bk 46parts bk 47parts bk 48parts bk 49parts bk 50parts bk 51parts bk 52parts bk 53

This is the next installment of the Parts Book. Notice again, that every two pages compliment each other: first the diagrammatic view, then the list view. Sometimes there are repeated diagrammatic views, because the list view needed one more page to itemize the corresponding parts. More to come, in the Parts Book’s final installment, which will have a very complete run-down on standard presser feet sizes/dimensions.

* This book is available in hard-copy form, from Dunlap Sunbrand International, which there is a link to in the side bar of this site.

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