Brother DB2-B791 & B7910 Parts Book [section 3]

This is the final section of the parts book. As always, it is loaded with diagrams and information. Perhaps the most important aspect to this last lot of pages, are the five which illustrate the many different standard presser feet and thier accompanying throat plates and feed dogs which can be used on Brother DB2’s. Enjoy.

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* This book is available in hard-copy form, from Dunlap Sunbrand International, which there is a link to in the side bar of this site.

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  1. Northern January 13th, 2009 3:45 am

    Thanks so much for the amazingly informative site. Such detail! And providing scans of the parts and instruction manual is downright saintly of you (I just bought a pdf copy online! Doh!) I just got a sparkling New-looking DB2-B791-015 for my wife from a friend who just wanted it out of her living room. (Score!) and am about to pick it up from the repair shop (it wasn’t holding stitches and needed a general tune-up) Any tips on the heavy duty “for thicker materials” slightly lower rpm-ness of this machine? (being that it is the -015 model). We’ll mostly use it for clothing and art/textile/dolls etc. Anyway, seeing as you are obviously the DB2-B791-015 god, you probably have and know everything about this machine, so you probably won’t need this, but we received the service manual with this machine also. It’s about 53 pages of DB2-B791-015 tech goodness. If for some weird reason you don’t already have one…..let me know and we’ll make sure a copy finds its way too you. Thanks again for all your public service with and all the great manual scans. Wish I’d found you sooner.

    -Northern in Chico, CA

  2. admin January 13th, 2009 10:44 am

    Oh, wow, sweet, that would be fantastic. We have yet to locate the service manual. The Needlefeed & Co. would be forever in your debt for such a gracious gift.

    A new-looking DB2-B791-015 sounds like a dream machine. The one we have here is a real workhorse and quite versatile, you can not go wrong. As for the rpm-ness, that depends on the motor and the ratio between the two pulleys. In our experience the DB2-B791-015 is very easy to control the stitch speed, but of course that is also after getting used to the throttle and fine tuning it’s set-up a bit. Keep in mind that you can change the pulleys to make it a 1-1 ratio which will be a good middle ground. Or you could put a larger pulley on the motor, which will effectively slow the transmission (sort of..). Also, depending on the incline of your treadle (foot pedal) vastly alters how easy it is for some people to control the speed. All of these things are a matter of some fine-tuning, and simple living-with-the-format to really get a good grasp on.

    Goodluck in all your sewing endeavors. Please let us know how the DB2 works for you.