Delta Sewing Repair

Don’t let the name fool you, Delta is a full shop, with more than just repairs going on. There are a fair amount of machines in the shop and plenty of small parts to pick from. Delta is a good place for some of the more random requests. Often you can find really great table tops there – large ones. A typical industrial sewing machine table top measures at 20″ in depth and 48″ in length, at Delta you can find some that are close to 30″+ in depth and slightly longer- around 54″ in length. While this is certainly a luxury for most people, if you even have the space, it makes life a lot easier when working on larger projects like bags, jackets, or pants. Consider that although materials are flexible, having them pulled at in directions you do not want the seam to go can cause major problems. In the case of a pair of jeans which require some finesse it can be very aggravating when the material is falling off the back of your table and pulling the seam at an accelerated rate in an undesirable direction.

Table tops aside, Delta has been an educational experience in seeing and learning how a servo motor works for machines with automatically programmed stitching preferences. An exceptionally mind-boggling thing was seeing how a servo motor and computer aided head could be taken advantage of with a normal treadle-style pedal. With the Brother DB2-B791-015’s servo motor there was a very specific electronic pedal that was used to take advantage of the various functions by having a separate pedal for each. Depending on which pedal you hit, the machine then does whatever corresponds. However, on the machine at Delta this was clearly unnecessary, you could use the back tack, or the thread trimmer, or whatever other features were available by using different combinations of tapping the pedal a certain number of times, depending on when the foot-lift was up or down, or the reverse mechanism was held up or down. They way it looked seemed to easy, but the salesman there had the machine doing a lot of tricks. It was pretty amazing to see and also put rhyme to reason why at some of clothing fabrication shops when you listen it is not just the buzz of sewing but the sound of lots of locks and mechanisms stopping and starting and clicking and firing.

PostScript: Delta also has one of – if not thee – most amazing wood floor anyone could ever dream of.

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