For quick relief from the Brother DB2-B791-015/industrial sewing machine information, here are some pictures of shoes made on the Brother. They are constructed from canvas and leather (two sheets of leather, one at 5/64″ and another at 1/8″), with “Extra Strong” 100% Polyester thread by Gütermann (sometimes spelled Guterman, Gueterman, or Gutterman in the States). The leather is very basic rawhide ordered from McMasterCarr, and the canvas is picked out from bulk at Michael Levine Fabric in the heart of Los Angeles’ fashion district. The soles are made of two pieces of leather – the midsole (5/64″) being sewn to the canvas upper (with a canvas insole) and then the bottom sole (1/8″) being glued to the midsole with PowerPoxy “Super Crystal Clear” and “Shoe Glue” Adhesive. All of the template is taken right from the foot, without any pre-determined pattern. Some bias tape is used as necessary to clean up the raw edges between the upper and insole, so the canvas does not fray too much. These shoes were made initially as a small project for something which lived between performance and sculpture. As it turns out, they are quite comfy and totally slick in the pedestrian sense of the word. Since their inauguration in the spring of 2006, many more pairs have been made with small improvements along the way. Although they are not completely refined they do enjoy use by a select few.

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  1. vs.vs.vs. August 24th, 2007 9:02 pm

    are those future-shoes, or are my eyes sore?

  2. admin August 25th, 2007 4:37 pm

    Your inquiry is fair based on its assumption, however it may be a bit out of reach in terms of actual future. If we look at this question in the same way of the question regarding “Brother DB2-B791-015 No Thread Trimmer” then yes, they are “future-shoes”. But, if we look at it as (the) future meets shoes, then no, these are probably not shoes in or about or of the future. They are very simple in their manner, which may be the first thing to point them away from the future, as we often assume with the future means growing technology to make our lives easier despite the fact that then the technology needs to constantly become more complicated to fight the technology that is helping make that technology make our technology help us more. With that said, future or not, these are shoes, but maybe even more so – simply canvas and glue and leather (cowhide) and polyester thread and dyes.