Motor Number.1 [mitsubishi limi-stopZ servo motor]

Here is another picture from the Brother DB2-B791-015, pre-re-configuration. This is a 3 phase servo motor which some people consider to be the high tech of industrial sewing machines. Because this motor is considered so important, it will guide the first several posts. However, as you will see in some pictures it is no longer being used. A standard clutch motor has instead taken the job. This motor is a Mitsubishi Limi-StopZ Servo motor. It is hard to tell exactly how old it is, and unfortunately there is no witness on the Brother’s account that it runs – due to many issues which will be answered in time.

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  1. BROTHER DB2-B791-015 » Shop November 20th, 2008 12:41 pm

    […] if needed, but unfortunately is on a single-phase circuitry. The possibility of running the old Mitsubishi Limi-StopZ motor was very exciting, but once againg the 3-phase system escapes, which is necessary for such a […]