Please Excuse The Delay [industrial sewing machine accoutrements]

Here is a request which was sent to the Brother;

>>”So how about a close up of your parts drawer. I want to see your foot pedal mod as well!”<<

Here is a “close up” of the drawer, this picture was taken with no modifications done in terms of mediating what may or may not have been in the drawer. It IS the drawer. As for a picture of the “foot pedal mod” which is assumed to be the modifications – and customizations – which were done to the foot pedal assembly after the old motor was replaced, that imagery will have to come at a later date. Here is a rough list of what is living inside the drawer now: Various Presser feet, extra bobbins, extra bobbin case, lighter, loop, high-grade sheers, stubby flat head screw driver (for changing out the presser feet), various threads, fabric pins, a tailors measuring tape. DPx5 needles, rubber bumpers used to shim the head of the machine to sit flatly upon the oil pan, 9/16″ hex wrench for leveling the table, a double sided T style flat head screwdriver (for taking the needle plate [throat plate] on and off), etc.

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  1. Jreidko August 2nd, 2007 12:08 pm

    Wait! aren’t we already mediating the drawer by viewing it as a photo? Surely the drawer is more than just the view of the drawer, for instance can’t the drawer also be a physical action as in “opening the drawer”? And for that matter the drawer could also be a statement, such as when you might tell someone about the drawer like “well, my machine has this drawer that i keep a red lighter in” as far as mediation goes i’m not interly clear on how not to meditate my perception of it.

    Also, are you going to approve this one to show up on the post? My last comment also hasn’t posted.

  2. admin August 3rd, 2007 5:22 pm

    The Brother agrees. Although, the action of “opening the drawer” would lay in the word opening, no? And as far as a statement, “well, my machine has this drawer that i(?) keep a red lighter in” would not the drawer be a noun? Lastly, yes mediate was not the proper term.

    Post Script
    The red lighter is a key component in the Brother’s sewing projects, it is a great way to fuse the ends of threads after trimming to ensure – or at least prevent – fraying.

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