Rivera’s Sewing Machines

Rivera’s would have to be the most frequented shop of all. For the Brother DB2-B791-015, or the elder Singer 600WI, it is kind of the patriarch of these machines. Although neither of them were found at Rivera’s, the little shop has found a peculiar place as a the leading source for human to human information about the two machines (example; apparently the Singer 600WI models had timing belts/mechanisms in them, so although they did not have reverse, and were otherwise rudimentary machines, they ran with a lot of class and dedication and still do considering they were built in the 60’s).

At Rivera’s talk to a guy named Denys. Denys has always been the go to guy for just about everything purchased in the Los Angeles area. He is very friendly, extremely knowledgeable, always willing to talk, and most importantly – never forgets people and their machines. He carries a great selection of Linko Presser feet, new and used industrial machines (although not many plastic models [compact/transportable “home” machines]), lots of small parts, and a limited – but critical – selection of cutting tools from good shears, to pizza-wheel style, and others like the Blue Streak.

So while Rivera’s is probably only a third of the size of Bega, they are still a favorite for all the strange and uncommon things that industrial sewing machines need, and rely on. One of the strangest things was an old clutch motor with a Linko placard on it, does Linko make motors too? At the end of the day do not be afraid to hang out and watch what is going on, ask questions, or gaze into the sweet case – just keep in mind the tight space.

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