So, it seems about time to post some images of the shop in all it’s official-like glory. This space is shared with the Sharchitecture folks in Chicago IL. Perhaps the delayed manner of this post is so that by the time the shots were loaded up to the web, the shop itself would be fully activated and less of the pipe dream it once was. So far the Brother is very comfortable there, and of course the tables work like a dream. The building has 220 volt access if needed, but unfortunately is on a single-phase circuitry. The possibility of running the old Mitsubishi Limi-StopZ motor was very exciting, but once againg the 3-phase system escapes, which is necessary for such a beastly motor. However, because of some of the tooling Sharchitecture uses, maybe in the far off future, 3-phase circuitry will become available.

Needlefeed would like to extend a thank you to Jreidko for the imagery provided and intensive seminar in lighting with remote flashes. Thank yous.

PostScript: Shortly after these images were taken there was a major overhaul implemented in the tables construction. Due to necessity of a more dust free environment for the materials and storage below, a skirt-like system was developed. It consists of multiple flaps of Dow Weathermate tacked around the perimeter of the tables. Also a second shelf was added to the table closest to the wall, it will serve for all the full-roll materials leaving the shelf below for smaller swatches.

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