Up To Date

There may be some delays in the next week about the Brother and any passing information.  Although, that does not mean this time is being squandered.  A trip to the fashion district of Los Angeles will hopefully afford quality research time at some of the local industrial sewing machine shops that the area offers.  It is a sea of textile industry in that niche of the city, and some of the shops have so much to look at that it can become a taxing experience if you are not prepared for the amount of time it takes, but it always brings to light new information which can only be to the Brother’s benefit.  One of the key interests is in finding presser feet for the Brother.  Because it is a needle feed machine, it is unlikely that there are gated feet with the special longer cut groove, but if there is one place to find such a thing (or things) this is the area to find them.  Ideally a whole set can be pieced together, but if it turns out that these do not exist – so be it (a bit of Dremel work will accomplish the task of redesigning the rest of the existing feet).

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